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December 2014
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A New Book is Here! Ohlaf, the Kringle Baker!

As you know, I love kringle! And the best kringle I know of comes from O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin.  So it was a natural fit to work with Lisa and Eric at O&H to produce a new book, Ohlaf the Kringle Baker. The story is a lot of fun!  And illustrator Karen Johnson brought Ohlaf to life just as I imagined him in the story.  This book is meant for 4-to-8 year olds but adults enjoy it as well!


The best way to get your copy today or to learn more about Ohlaf, about the book and about how it all came about by clicking on “Books and More” to your left!

What a lot of fun!

Last night I went to the Barnes&Noble in Springfield, where Emilie Hancock had organized a Book Fair with the folks at Cardinal Forest Elementary School.  The huge book store was full of fun tables.  I read a bit of Painting Aalesund (though not very well) and talked with lots of kids about Painting Aalesund and Juliet’s Opera.  Between readings and games and even a string quartet, Emilie ran a contest for kids to color illustrations from Painting Aalesund.  I awarded two books and two posters as prizes.  I also talked with a few kids (and their parents) who sound like they will be writing their own books soon!  I met one of the parents, who was born in Norway.  And I chatted with the principal, Karen Kenna, talking about her plans to travel to Norway.  It was a lot of fun!  I will be posting the winners’ pictures just as soon as I can set-up the scanner.  Thanks! to Emilie, the parents, kids, and teachers from Cardinal Forest who made it a wonderful evening!

Welcome Cunard World Club Members

Welcome Cunarders from all over the world! As you saw in the Cunarder, I have written two stories aboard Queen Mary 2, Painting Aalesund and Juliet’s Opera.

You can find out about both books by clicking on the covers to the right or the links to the left.  To the left you will also find a special page for Cunard World Club members! There you will read more about Juliet’s Opera and the Evelyn Burke Adventures series. You will also learn about the Cunard World Club special mentioned in the Cunarder.

You will also find a sign-up form for my free newsletter. The newsletter will provide information on specials, travels, Cunard, and insider progress on my books. In fact, if you sign up today, you will learn the name of my next Evelyn Burke Adventures book.

Christmas Kringle Contest!

A good friend ordered 18 copies of Painting Aalesund and 16 copies of Juliet’s Opera to give friends and family this Christmas. I think that’s great! I also think Kringle is great. So, since we like to give kringle to our friends and family, I am going to combine the two in to a new contest. I will send a fresh Kringle to the person who orders the most copies of my stories to give as presents. Any flavor you choose, fresh and direct from the folks at O&H Danish Bakery. Kringle! Yum!

After Juliet’s Opera Launch

We had a great time aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 for the launch of Juliet’s Opera.  We left New York for Newport, RI, Boston, MA and then on to Bar Harbor.

QM2 at anchor off Bar Harbor, Maine

The day before Bar Harbor newspapers showed up at the door of every stateroom on the ship telling about my signing the next day at Sherman’s Books in Bar Harbor.  We were all very excited!  In Bar Harbor we all had a GREAT time at Sherman’s.  It was small, smelled of good books and the old wooden floors even creaked just a bit!  From there it was on to Halifax and St. Johns.  Then a sea day on the way back to New York where we held the official launch signing for Juliet’s Opera. 

Juliet's Opera and Painting Aalesund aboard Queen Mary 2

It was a real pleasure to meet people and to sign that book on that ship.  I have posted a number of photos from the trip on my facebook site.

Thank you! To the kids at Sudley Elementary School!

The librarian at Sudley Elementary School, Kate Bentall, set up an exciting day of reading for the kids!  I was there to read Painting Aalesund and a large number of students and faculty arrived from NOVA to read books of their choice.  The kids asked great questions and then colored while I read.  It was fun to watch them slowly switch from paying half attention to their coloring and half to the story to sitting there looking at the illustrations from the book while I read. 

In the library at Sudley Elementary School.

Oh, and it was a VERY pleasant surprise to see how many raised their hands when I asked “Who likes to write stories?”  I am also looking forward to seeing their colored illustrations and short essays submitted for the monthly FREE BOOK contest!

A Fun Day Reading at All Saints Catholic School

On October 19th I had the pleasure of meeting four classes full of third and fourth graders at All Saints Catholic School.  I read a shortened version of Painting Aalesund which gave us a chance to chat a bit before and after.  I have posted what some of the kids had to say on the “Reader’s Corner” page.  Thanks, kids!

Lots of Readings, Signings and Events

With the official release of Painting Aalesund and having Juliet’s Opera available pre-release, I am getting into the swing of readings, signings and fun things like that!

I have had the pleasure of attending a homeschool event, and signings at Family Christian Store, Barnes&Noble and Borders Books.  I have also done two school readings, a signing at Sherman’s in Maine and a signing at sea on the Queen Mary 2, and am filling up the calendar with more readings and more signings through December and on in to the New Year.

If you would like me to read at your school or to your homeschool group, at your local library or reader’s group, please contact me through this website.  I will be happy to meet you.  And please check in at the Signings, Readings & Visits button on the left for events in the near future!

Juliet’s Opera Now Available

Juliet’s Opera is now available.  I’ll be glad to personalize, sign and number any and all copies you order from my website.

jo-thumbnailIf you have not heard of the story, it is the first in the Evelyn Burke Adventure Series and follows a young girl who spends a lot of time aboard the Queen Mary 2.  You can read more about the story by clicking on the book cover at right, or the Juliet’s Opera button on the left.  You’ll be able to read What People Say about the book by clicking that button on the left.  Enjoy! – Tod

Painting Aalesund Officially Released

Painting Aalesund’s official release date was October 6th, 2009.  So, now you can buy it at bookstores, online booksellers and, of course, on my website. 

pa-cover-thumbnailThe official release means lots of readings, signings and appearances.  So, please bookmark this site and check the “Readings, Signings and Visits” page on this site.  You can learn more about the book by clicking on the cover at right or the Painting Aalesund button to the left.  And, if you would like me to come to your store, or school or homeschool group I would be happy to schedule it!  Thanks – Tod